Aluminum Panel Facade Customized Aluminum Perforated Panel Metal Wall

Aluminum Perforated Panel Metal Wall commercial building application:
– Shopping center, supermarket
– Outdoor facilities, gas station, toll station
– MTR station, railway station, airport, bus station
– School, stadium, education
– Office, conference room, exhibition room
– The lobby, corridor and bathroom of the building
– Canteen, restaurant, hotel
– Hospital, chemical laboratory, etc.
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Aluminum Panel Facade Customized Aluminum Perforated Panel Metal Wall

Specificatoin for the pic-perforated panel:

Material Aluminum alloy 1100、3003、5052
Thickness 0.5mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm,3.5mm,4.0mm.,


Normal size 1220*2440mm
Maximum size 1600x7000mm
Surface treatment Anodized, powder coated or PVDF spraying,electro plate or simple left to patina
Shape Picture perforation images are scalable,notches and bespoke sheet panel
Perforation pattern Rounded perforation,diagonal holes,round perforation straight line holes,square perforation straight line,square perforation staggered,slotted perforated ect.,any size of perforation that you can image

It can be hollowed according to your sample or CAD drawing. It can also be folded, curved according to request.

Product features:
1. With advanced production technology and equipment, it has become a new generation of personalized and artistic mainstream products.
2, diversified styles, patterns can be customized according to the style, to show personalized.
3, the surface of the three-dimensional sense of strong, anti-static dust and easy to clean.
4, simple installation, easy installation and disassembly, convenient maintenance.
5, environmentally friendly, completely fireproof. High standard recyclable, green environmental protection hotel with aluminum panel carved 15mm carved aluminum panel wall villa with aluminum panel carved background wall club with continuous carved board billboard product description: hollow carved aluminum panel (art carved aluminum panel) requirements standard; Aluminum panel with thickness less than 2.0mm shall not be used for exterior wall decoration. After carving out the processing of aluminum panel, has the characteristics of ventilation, than ordinary curtain wall aluminum panel is affected by the wind, if the thickness is insufficient, there will be deformation phenomenon, affect the overall beauty, it is recommended that the outdoor use of carved out the thickness of aluminum panel control in 2.5mm or more. Cinema with aluminum panel carving partition meeting room with carved aluminum panel girder villa with aluminum panel carving background wall club with continuous carved board billboard application: building curtain wall, column beam, balcony, partition wrapping, outdoor decoration, advertising signs, vehicles, furniture, booth, instrument shell, subway shipping tools, etc.


Aluminum perforated metal panel allows any image to be amazingly reproduced on perforated metal plate. It can add persistent image facades to new and existing structures, providing a unique metallic texture. Create eye-catching overlay logos, company logos, special features — even use picture piercings as the aesthetic basis for your entire design concept.

Aluminum perforations can be made to any size and can also produce a 3D effect. Made from perforated metal, picture perforations also act as a sunscreen and provide ventilation, as well as lasting and easy to reset.

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