Interior dark frame square plate aluminum ceiling

A utility model ladder square plate aluminum ceiling gusset plate comprises a conventional multilateral front decorative surface has been decorated below the surrounding buckle installation edge, decorative surface and buckle installation edge are excessively connected by the ladder surface, square plate aluminum ceiling gusset plate installation splicing into, through the splicing of adjacent steps to form a straight, beautiful groove, The square plate aluminum ceiling gusset after the installation of the rhombus contour more clear and more obvious, stronger three-dimensional sense, better visual effect.

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Interior dark frame square plate aluminum ceiling

600 engineering board, concealed frame square plate aluminum ceiling, using concealed frame clip-in suspension system, easy installation and disassembly, flexible when changing indoor space. The structure of the concealed frame installation system is stable and concealed, the surface of the panel is smooth, and the lines are simple and beautiful, which can add a modern sense to the interior space.

The aluminum ceiling system of dark bone square gusset plate ceiling has smooth surface, clear edges and seams, and theInterior dark frame square plate aluminum ceiling system reflects the appearance effect of neat, generous and wide vision. Dark bone square type gusset aluminum ceiling ceiling system with fire retardant, anticorrosive, moisture-proof, washing does not fade, not deformed advantages, and convenient assembly and disassembly, according to shear, each board can be independently disassembled, convenient maintenance and easy maintenance

Product specification

Units: mm

Specifications (W, D) Thickness (D) Edge Height (H) Remarks

300×300 0.45-0.8 20 embedded, combined type

400×400 0.45-0.8 20 embedded, combined type

500×500 0.45-0.8 20 embedded, combined type

300×600 0.45-0.8 20 embedded, combined type

600×600 0.6-1.2 20 Embedded, combined type

300*1200 0.6-1.2 20 Embedded, combined type

500×120 0.6-1.2 20 Embedded, combined type

600×120 0.6-1.2 20 Embedded, combined type

The thickness of dark bone square gusset plate is divided into 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.8 mm, 0.9 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm. Gusset plate surface coating chooses powder electrostatic spray commonly or get together fat paint spray, roll to paint, also can choose to draw silk and anodic oxidation surface processing. Commonly used specifications are 300x300mm, 300x450mm, 300x600mm, 350x350mm, 500x500mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm, 300x1200mm, 600x1200mm, triangle, square plate combination, deep well combination smallpox and other series.

Product use

The fold edge of dark bone square gusset plate is up, show gap type box form, and get used to with triangular keel and its clip set means photograph, fold edge place has long circular bayonet in processing process, can be more accurate and stable in embedding the crack of A word keel. If need exchange and clean condole top board, usable magnetic sucker or special disassembly board implement takes board quickly. For the Interior dark frame square plate aluminum ceiling with sound absorption requirements, perforated panels can be used or glass wool felt and other sound absorption insulation materials can be laid in the aluminum ceiling structure according to the design provisions. A layer of sound-absorbing cotton paper or black flame retardant cotton cloth can also be added on the back of the perforated plate to achieve a certain sound absorption standard.


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