the latest pattern architecture aluminum screen fence

Hollow-out aluminum window screen decoration is one of the characteristic products of aluminum sheet  , which is fashionable, simple and beautiful in style, and is sought after by many architects. Hollow-out is the use of CNC punch processing production, can be carved out of regular shape, can also be processed into irregular shape, and even carved out of various fonts.Aluminum screen fence products have many advantages, I believe that the industry is basically more or less understand some, I will not elaborate here.Hollowed-out aluminum screen fence is also widely used, such as kitchen, toilet, living room, villa, foreign house, club and other occasions.Because it is not only beautiful, but also fireproof and moisture-proof, it can be used not only as a screen, but also as a suspended ceiling of aluminum screen.

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the latest pattern architecture aluminum screen fence

Product materials and specifications:

Conventional thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm

Common standard: 600*600mm, 600*1200mm

The quality of the aluminum window decoration products directly reflects the technical level of the aluminum window screen and fence decoration manufacturers, but the products can only be sold to the enterprises to have benefits.Spectrum high building materials, aluminum window screen and fence manufacturers believe that the order from the customer is only the beginning of the sales process.Attention should be paid to ensure the quality of the products when processing, and the after-sales service should also not be ignored.

The different patterns of carved aluminum veneer, the change of hole shape with different size and density make the surface of aluminum veneer dynamic, the manufacturer break through the traditional modeling concept, combined with different external environment for the abnormity treatment.It has the function of pervious to light and air, making the lines more lively and elegant.

Applied to various modern senior clubs, home decoration, office and other occasions, for the full vitality of the fashion family opened up endless

Thinking space, it is the new adornment form that is practical and beautiful really namely

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Carved woodwork craft is advanced, a wide variety of design professional custom, phoenix, mandarin duck figure, the sparrow figure, herringbone figure, triangle, square hole figure, aluminum plate how much larger image, aluminum plate engraving the product style is complete, quality, beautiful shape, structure compact, stereo sense is strong, lasting color, texture clear, clever design styles in the style of perfect fusion, show a modern decoration style of the space, in the different space can create a noble, elegant, warm effect.

Sculpture as a kind of engraving art creation, need exquisite exquisite craft, designers cleverly blend in the elements in the modern building decoration, bring us vogue and individual character decorative arts, carved aluminum veneer board can be flat plate production, there is no such effect, bending is concave and convex carving the structure of aluminum veneer is deep space feeling, have the effect of the pervious to light, breathable



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