Aluminum air conditioner protection cover

Aluminum air conditioner protection cover

Material: Aluminum alloy

Thickness: 1.2mm or 1.5mm, or customized

Dimensions: Customized according to the decoration area

Design: Any designs

Surface treatment : powder coating mostly


  1. light weight
  2. recycling
  3. environmental and friendly decoration materials
  4. installation simply decoration materials
  5. fast delivery covers
  6. good view
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Aluminum air conditioner protection cover

Metal covers are widely used for many products, they can be taken food, they can be used for shopping, and they can be used to hide something in the car or outside. Meanwhile, air conditioners are widely used in the whole world to keep cooler in summer, almost all the families, office, houses are covered air conditioners. Unfortunately, as days come by, and the air conditioners are still keeping working even with several or decades years, so their exterior sight looking become old or ugly, then aluminum air conditioner covers are good choice to decorate it with customized size, beautiful colors, wonderful designs and so on.

In china, many buildings air conditioner is decorate with aluminum alloy covers to make it as a good sight looking for visitors. Some of they are used to decorate air conditioner, some are for windows, some are for stairs and so on. As the flexible design , customized color, and different sizes, which make the covers are popular in the market.

Aluminum air conditioning cover, use of raw materials is aluminium alloy, of course, from the ordinary a flat aluminum panel, through cutting, Angle of attack, bending, engraving, and a series of processing technology, and through grinding, washing, spraying and so on a series of crafts, a complete artistic aluminum air conditioning wind shield was born, it has brought together, design art for its design, sheet metal workers for its wonderful artical excelling nature, By spraying equipment to spray it on a beautiful coat, craft elegant, looks like a water lotus beauty, that is why this product is widely used for building air conditioning machine air conditioning machine outside decoration, hotel decoration, office building air conditioning machine outside decoration, etc., through it to outside air conditioning machine to do an ornament, let customers to have a kind of refreshing feeling after see, beautiful; The value of aluminum air conditioning cover has gone beyond the practical fan, absorbing the thick original fashion color; Is a symbol of elegance; It is the preferred product of city image transformation. Favored by high-end real estate business, become the use of architectural decoration style ornament.  

Analysis of the characteristics and uses of aluminum air conditioning cover:

1, the large area of hollow out aluminum air conditioning cover is conducive to the flow of air flow, so that the aluminum alloy air conditioning cover to the air conditioning machine cooling resistance factor to lower, at the same time reduce the force of wind on aluminum alloy air conditioning cover, enhance the wind resistance of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover.

2, the installation hole of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover is waist hole, which is conducive to the installation of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover. At the same time, in the interior of the waist hole, an integral reinforcement is used up and down, and rivets are tightened, so that the thickness of the waist hole reaches 5mm, which greatly ensures the quality of the aluminum alloy air conditioning cover when it is installed.

3. The main structure of the aluminum alloy air conditioning cover is made of 1.5mm whole aluminum alloy plate stamping sheet metal according to the size of the air conditioning outside the machine, and the aluminum alloy air conditioning cover is strengthened by reinforcing bars at the folding Angle. And in the middle of the interior of the aluminum alloy air conditioning cover, the reinforcement is also used to reinforce, the whole structure greatly increases the strength of the aluminum alloy air conditioning cover, can effectively extend the service life of the air conditioning machine!

The process of aluminum air conditioning cover, the production of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover by blanking, hollow, bending, welding, grinding, surface treatment assembly and other multi-channel molding process to make the product present a variety of geometric shapes, can easily achieve a variety of complex plate type processing, and the surface treatment process is also more important. The surface coating largely determines the service life of the aluminum air conditioner cover. The aluminum air conditioner cover with poor surface coating may be dilapidated in 2-3 years. And high-quality aluminum air conditioning cover coating can be used for at least 8 years.

Aluminum air conditioning cover uses: hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, residential areas, street transformation and other standard buildings.



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