Decorative building materials fire and sound proof PVDF coating exterior wall cladding sheet aluminum solid panel

Base material Rustproof high-strength alloy aluminum sheet
Surface coating 1.Multi-layer PVDF coating involving international known paints e.g.

PPG (USA), AKZO-NOBEL, Valspa as base materials 2. Reinforcement, hanger

Ordinary thicknesses 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm
Subject to user demand Length: s8m/Width: S2.5m
Color Subject to user demand
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PVDF coating exterior wall cladding sheet aluminum solid panel


Warranty More than 5 Years
After-sale Service Online Technical Support
Project Solution Capability graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects, Cross Categories Consolidation
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name Goldstar
Model Number ASP
Usage Outdoor
Function Anti-Static, Antibacterial, Fireproof, Mould-Proof
Surface Treatment Anodized, Brushed, Foil Decoration, Mirror, PE Coated, Printing, PVDF Coated
Product name aluminum solid panel
Color as your request
Substrate Rustproof high strength alloy aluminum plate
Surface coating Super weather resistant coating /Weather resistant powder coating
Length ≤8 meters
Width ≤2.5 m
Aluminum plate substrate Adopt high-strength alloy aluminum plate of 3003, 5005, 5052 series
Conventional thickness 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:   50000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:  wooden case,bulk package

Port:   Guangdong

Lead Time :

Quantity(Square Meters) 1 – 100 >100
Est. Time(days) 15 To be negotiated

Product Features

Arbitrary shape, satisfying the beauty of personality:
According to the user’s needs, through bending, punching, rolling, engraving, welding and other processes to present a variety of geometric figures, fully expressing the designer’s philosophy.
Strong weather resistance and self-cleaning performance:
The fluorocarbon resin content is 70%, and the weather resistance is excellent, which is effective against acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet rays. The special molecular structure prevents dust from adhering to the surface and has good self-cleaning properties.
Good fire resistance:
Aluminum plate trim is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating for excellent fire resistance.
Uniform coating and various colors:
After being chemically processed, the adhesion between the coating and the metal is excellent. Through automatic spraying, the color is uniform, the color is diverse, and the user has more space to choose, so that your personalization is achieved.

Easy installation and easy construction:
The aluminum veneer is easy to handle, its superior construction makes it easy to install and other types of processing with simple tools, and can be used with designers to create various changes, easy and fast to install.

Use range

Our aluminum veneer curtain wall is suitable for decoration of various interior and exterior walls, lobby facades, pillars, elevated corridors, pedestrian bridges, elevator edging, balcony packaging, advertising signs, indoor shaped ceilings, etc.

Carved aluminum panel is a new curtain wall material, which is made of high quality aluminum alloy panel as the base material, and then shaped by NUMERICAL control bending technology and sprayed with decorative coating on the surface.
Carved aluminum panel is a category of aluminum panel decorative materials. Is in the single layer of aluminum panel by hollowing, carving and other processing technology to form a flower, hollowing as a kind of carving art, need exquisite and delicate technology.
Designers skillfully integrate this element into modern architectural decoration, bringing us fashionable and individual decorative art. Engraving panel can be a plane panel constantly extended deep sense of space, light, breathable effect.
Changing with different design, size, density of the groove surface have move feeling, combined with different shape profiled processing environment, line is lively, elegant, break through the traditional concept of modelling, more suitable for a variety of modern office, office and other occasions, fashionable gens of vibrant in the infinite space of thinking, carve patterns or designs on woodwork aluminum panel is a new kind of decorative form practical beautiful, Make the flat aluminum panel beautiful, fully play the “decoration” effect; Carved aluminum panel is developed in the improvement of sheet metal technology and the development of sheet metal processing tools.

1.Interior or exterior wall panel for all public buildings such as airport,railway station,hospital,shopping mall,etc.
2.All kinds of column cover and corner cladding.
3.Indoor ceiling for decoration.
4.Different instrument shell such as air condition cover,elevator cover.
5.Outdoor billboard ,signage.

Carved aluminum panel characteristics

1, the appearance of the atmosphere, exquisite workmanship.

2, light weight, good rigidity, high strength; Good weather resistance and welding performance;

3, easy to clean, maintenance, excellent anti-pollution performance;

4, a wide range of color selection decoration effect is good. Compared with the traditional aluminum-plastic board, it has the characteristics of easy on-site processing and small loss, especially the steel and strength of the aluminum-plastic board curtain wall.

5, carved aluminum panel using fluorocarbon spraying, not ultraviolet, humidity, temperature and atmospheric corrosion, never fade; Plate body lightweight, simple installation structure, but also has good bending strength and excellent wind resistance.

The scope of application of carved aluminum panel:

Carved aluminum panel is widely used: Aluminum panel of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is consumer market demand of a new type of curtain wall decoration materials, application is very wide, can be used in curtain wall, door head, present building, billboard, partition, screen and other places of use, design can be customized, can choose the patterns of the national wind, also can choose the most modern European style design, can meet the demand of all kinds of decoration. Rich color, can be customized color matching, to create a perfect personality of carved aluminum panel. Carved aluminum panel is personalized, unique and exquisite, easy to install and easy to maintain. The installed space is pleasing to the eye, with a harmonious and artistic atmosphere.


Product features:

1; Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes PVDF coating and aluminum panel surface adhesion is stronger and not easy to fall off, the product surface coating is more uniform, color is more colorful, color diversification, a wider range of choices.

2; Using PVDF paint spraying can make PVDF aluminum panel surface more smooth and not easy to stick dust, can effectively reduce the cleaning and maintenance of the product; Its surface layer is difficult to adhere to dirt, with a very good self-cleaning effect.

3; PVDF aluminum panel weight is relatively light, in terms of installation without too many construction personnel. Mild large, good rigidity, even the thickness of 4mm aluminum plate in the weight of only 9KG per square, in the strength can reach 110-300N/mm2

4. The product has corrosion resistance and weather resistance is very good, PVDF aluminum panel can be used in a harsh environment, usually used for curtain wall decoration, the use of PVDF coating can make the product in 30 years do not change color does not decolorize.

5; The products are processed by large NUMERICAL control machine tools and the production process is better. In the use of PVDF paint spraying technology, the surface of the products is very smooth and burr free. In the shape can also be more diverse, can be made into a variety of more complex shapes such as arc ball shape.

6; PVDF aluminum panel is made of high quality aluminum alloy processing, can have resource recycling, very energy saving and environmental protection. Products can achieve 100 percent recycling value, it is different from the traditional ceramic tile, glass, stone materials, recycling value.

7. The product is very convenient in construction and installation. The PVDF aluminum panel is usually customized according to the construction site. There is no need to cut the product at the installation site, and the installation can be directly fixed on the skeleton after the installation.

Application areas:

The application of carved PVDF aluminum panel is very wide, the products can be used for: commercial buildings, high-speed rail, airports, pavilions, museums, as well as some hotels, shopping plazas and other exterior wall decoration or interior decoration.

Sheet metal spraying:

Product packaging:

Packing Details:
1. Custom plywood crate or box for heavy sheet metal parts.
2. Heavy duty carton for small and lighter metal parts.
3. Bubble bag or protective film for inner protection to avoid scratches.
4. Plywood pallet is available when sheet metal products are in large amount.
5. Shipping marks as per request.
3. Excellent in weather fastness and corrosion resistance.
4. Good fireproof and waterproof property.
5. Even coating, various colors.
6.Easy to process ,easy to maintain.

The container shipping:

Punching Sheet Hole:
Rectangular hole , Square hole , Diamond hole , Hole , Hexagonal hole , Cross hole , Triangle hole , Long hole , Along waist hole , Plum blossom hole , Scale hole , Hole Pattern , Star shaped holes , Irregular holes ,Drum hole etc,

Surface Treatment Process:
Skim →Alkali-Corrosion → Blare-elimination(by acid) →Chromiumizing → Drying → Parts-installation →Spraying Solidifying → Parts- removing → QC& Packing

Fabrication Process:
Sheet Metal Cutting- CNC Cutting(Punching,Laser Cutting-Hollow out)- Bending- Welding-Bracket Fixing-Polishing-Surface Treatment- QC-Package
Accordding to CAD Drawing CNC Carving Pattern Aluminum Perforated Panel Outdoor fence :
Decorative Living Room, Hotel, Bar, etc.
Indoor and outdoor public space backdrop, Elevator cabin, handrail,living room, background wall, ceiling, Kitchen equipment.
Specially for bar,club,KTV,hotel,bath center,villa,shopping mall

Accordding to CAD Drawing CNC Carving Pattern Aluminum Perforated Panel Outdoor fence:
1.High plasticity, can be made as flat,camber or spherical shape.
2.Wide range of colors

Projects list:

Why Choose Us
1. Competitive price
2. Lead time: 15-25 days
3. Strict Quality Control to insure providing you high quality products.
4. Services     ·Quick response & action     ·Detailed design and technical support from design to supply     ·Material solution consultancy during design stage
5. Project Reference: Rich experiecne international project reference 1000+
6.Many years of fabricating experience.
7. High production capacity—Monthly Prduction Capacity 60000 Square Meters

Q1: What is delivery time?    A: 4 weeks days after deposit. Except for public holidays.

Q2: How can you guarantee the quality?   A: We have rigorous quality test system, from raw materials to finished products, the materials must be checked and signed by QC people.

Q3: How can I see more cases or information for this product?    A: Please contact us via whatsapp/wechat…..
Q4 : How about your Payment Term?         A : T/T, 30% Deposit, Balance Settled before Shipment
Q 5:How about your Lead Time?      A: 15-30 Working Days
Q6.Is the factory open to the customer?      A: We have several factories that you can choose to visit at any time.


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