Hyperbolic aluminum plate for exterior wall decorative

Hyperbolic aluminum plate for exterior wall decorative is another new curtain wall structure developed after glass curtain wall. Aluminum curtain wall and glass curtain wall are often used in the same building. When the aluminum panel metal curtain wall with reinforcing ribs (fixed on the back of the aluminum panel with aluminum welding nails) bears the uniform load perpendicular to the plate surface, the arrangement of reinforcing ribs and the concentrated stress around the fixing of reinforcing ribs significantly affect the bearing capacity of the metal curtain wall and the stability of reinforcing ribs.

Because of aluminum panel of excellent machining performance, the color of the variety and good security, to fully adapt to the complex modelling design, can increase the line of concave and convex, and processing various types of curve line, thus aluminum sheet curtain wall, as a kind of extremely rich wallop of architectural form, to the architect to huge play space, popularity. ​

With the diversification of architectural style, hyperbolic aluminum plate has been more and more favored by owners and designers.

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Hyperbolic aluminum plate for exterior wall decorative

Hyperbolic aluminum plate process:

Hyperbolic aluminum plate for exterior wall with high-grade aluminum alloy as the main material, through cutting, folding, bending, welding, reinforcement, grinding, spraying and other processes and other processing processes of metal curtain wall products. Aluminum sheet is a main choice for exterior decoration of buildings. Compared with porcelain, glass, aluminum-plastic board, honeycomb board, marble and other exterior decoration materials, aluminum panel has a broad space for development because of its unique advantages.

Use of hyperbolic aluminum sheet:

1, the present, arc or spherical building curtain wall 2, building walls, outdoor canopy 3, interior wall, ceiling decoration 4, airport, subway station, bus station, terminal, CheLou, building lobby, airport, station, important public facilities, sports venues, national characteristic building 5, square, sports venues, museums 6, conference hall, opera house, and so on upscale building.

Double curved aluminum sheet introduction:

Hyperbolic aluminum plate for exterior wall decorative can be found in all major buildings, especially large decoration engineering and small decoration engineering, Hyperbolic aluminum plate for exterior wall decorative is more and more widely used. Hyperbolic aluminum plate is the place where the exterior wall of the building has curved surface, rounded corner position. Because more than one surface, so called hyperbolic aluminum panel.

Characteristics of Hyperbolic aluminum plate for exterior wall:

The hyperboloid makes it unusual. But it can be simply described as: according to the drawings designed to do a hyperbolic module, and then use the module to open the aluminum material, after welding, grinding, polishing, cleaning, painting, so that a hyperbolic aluminum sheet is done.

The internal structure of hyperbolic panel is waterproof and sealed, which ensures its excellent waterproof performance to a greater extent. Hyperbolic aluminum plate for exterior wall decorative can also be sprayed on the surface of various colors of paint to further enhance the visual effect.

To sum up, the production process of aluminum double curved panel is extremely high and requires strong technology to complete. Therefore, aluminum double curved panel has a strong technical content. Compared with the traditional aluminum panel, it has the characteristics of light weight, good rigidity, high strength, fire prevention and moistureproof, easy installation and maintenance, long service life and so on.