Design 3D Decorative Perforated Plate Wall Surface facade cladding

Aluminum 3D building materials are lightweight, durable, offer high design flexibility, and are easy to install and maintain.

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Introduction to the Unique Features of 3D Aluminum Panels

1. Lightweight and High Strength: Aluminum panels are known for their lightweight yet high strength properties. Compared to other metals like steel, aluminum panels have a lower density while maintaining a relatively high level of strength. This advantage makes 3D aluminum panels ideal for applications where strength is required, but weight is also a concern.

2. Excellent Processability: Aluminum panels exhibit good ductility and processability, allowing them to be molded into various shapes through processes such as die casting, stretching, and bending. This versatility grants 3D aluminum panels widespread use within the manufacturing industry.

3. Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum possesses excellent resistance against corrosion. It can withstand extended exposure to humid and corrosive environments without significant damage. This inherent property grants 3D aluminum panels a longer lifespan, making them suitable for outdoor and marine engineering applications.

4. Superior Thermal and Electrical Conductivity: Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Its high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity make 3D aluminum panels highly valuable in industries such as electronics, where efficient heat dissipation and conductivity are crucial.

5. Convenient Surface Treatment: Aluminum panels offer easy surface treatment options such as anodization, spray coating, and electroplating. These treatments enhance the panels’ corrosion resistance, aesthetics, and mechanical performance.

6. Recyclability: Aluminum is a recyclable material, and 3D aluminum panels can be recycled and reused, aligning with environmental protection requirements. This feature not only helps conserve resources but also contributes to reducing environmental pollution.

To summarize, 3D aluminum panels possess the unique advantages of being lightweight yet strong, highly processable, corrosion-resistant, thermally and electrically conductive, easy to surface treat, and recyclable. These features make them an ideal choice for various industries and applications.


Q:How about customized?

A:Our professional R&D team can meet your OEM/ODM requirement.

Q: How about your quality guarantee ?

A: For all our products, we have certificate and product quality test report.If there is any lost caused by us, we will make compensation.

Q : How about sample ?

A : Free sample can be sent within 5 days after confirmation. But shipping cost will be afford by the buyer, it will be refund when order.

Q : Do you have any successful customer example?

A : Yes, please contact us for more details. And the supplier of Asian City in Guangzhou and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

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